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Planning a trip to Africa takes time. First think about what you want to see or do most and find out the best time to experience it. That process will highlight when it's best for you to travel. Next, consider your budget and what style of travel suits you best. In your planning you will also need an appreciation for distances as Africa is the world's second largest continent and travelling around it takes time.

Call us to discuss your 'wish list' and we will advise you on when best to travel and what options you should consider. We are the experts when it comes to travel times, distances, cost guides and what to expect on safari. We understand that planning a trip to Africa may seem daunting but with our extensive knowledge of the region we will prepare the perfect itinerary to suit your wishes. We’ll plan a trip that has you travelling at a reasonable pace without spending all your time in a vehicle or at airports. We’ll make sure that you get the most from your trip by considering your wish list, budget, requirements and restrictions.

It takes time - You’ll need time to get ready to travel to Africa. Inoculations are in some cases compulsory, visas can be consuming and even getting your head around what to pack into a 20kg bag when you’re visiting 5 different temperate zones can take time.

Saving money is all about planning - from flights to early bird prices or stay longer packages the way to save money is to speak to us about the tour operators and lodges that offer special deals year round.

Once you’re ready - book! - Many lodges cater for intimate groups of 12 – 24 people maximum rendering them full at peak times. In Africa there isn’t always another hotel down the road that can take you. Plan your journey and book early.

It’s big - Distances are big in Africa. Consider flying or staying longer and think long about where you want to go.

Rainy seasons bring rain - Rains don’t always just come once a year and when they do they can make a big difference especially if they are tumbling over cliff faces or surrounding outpost lodges.

These are just a few pointers to help you start planning your trip. Check out our FAQ, when to go, visa, locations and how to book advice to save you time, money and mistakes.

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